Secure Your Digital Assets: Learn How to Hedge with Derivatives

• SDM Financial will host a webinar on digital asset derivatives on May 23, 2023 at 10:30 AM EDT.
• The webinar will feature expert speakers who will discuss hedging strategies and the benefits of digital asset derivatives.
• Participants can gain valuable insights into how to use these instruments in their investment portfolios for risk management and enhanced returns.

SDM Financial to Host Webinar on Digital Asset Derivatives

SDM Financial is excited to announce an upcoming webinar focused on digital asset derivatives, taking place on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, at 10:30AM EDT. The webinar is tailored to provide digital asset mining firms, crypto-focused funds, and digital asset investors with valuable insights into the benefits of digital asset derivatives in effectively managing risk and optimizing returns.

Expert Panelists To Share Knowledge & Expertise

The expert panel will include Alan Mittleman (Head of US & Derivatives at SDM Financial), Matt Williams (Head of Derivatives at Luxor Technologies), and Joseph Dillon (CEO at Adakon Energy). The panelists will delve into various aspects of the digital asset derivatives market, discussing how to hedge with different types of structured digital asset products, their benefits and risks, as well as the state of the market.

Gain Insight Into Effective Risk Management Strategies

Participants in the webinar will have the opportunity to ask questions about this emerging asset class and gain valuable insights into the most effective strategies for incorporating these instruments into their investment portfolios. With energy prices on the rise, cryptocurrency miners in particular face distinct challenges in managing their exposure; therefore participants can learn about diverse use cases of derivatives trading for crypto miners as well as funds.

Benefits Of Using Digital Asset Derivatives

Alan Mittleman emphasizes that “digital asset derivatives present a unique opportunity for risk management and enhanced returns in the digital asset industry”. By attending this webinar participants can gain significant knowledge into how using such instruments can benefit their investment strategy by providing an effective means of managing risk and optimizing returns.

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