Bitcoin is still the best asset of 2020, see performance

For gold, S&P 500 and Dollar, BTC remains off the curve for the year.

In relation to other assets and currencies, Bitcoin is still the best of 2020. According to a survey of digital currency performance, the year has been historic.

The past week has been important for Bitcoin Trader review especially with CFTC chasing BitMEX. In addition, it marked the close of the third quarter of the year with the end of September.

For investors, the investment season in 2020 is a big challenge. With the arrival of the new coronavirus pandemic, the markets were indeed shaken with uncertainty.

Against all cautious narratives, Bitcoin has followed its path and gives an interesting return in the year.

Bitcoin is the best asset of 2020, a drop in the last week has not affected anything

The third quarter of 2020 closed last Wednesday (30). With this, the comparison of several assets took over the world market.

Bitcoin, for instance, has closed the period from July to September in high. By gaining 17% in relation to the dollar, Bitcoin stands out as the best asset of 2020.

This because, gold registers a 24,73% high and S&P 500 has increased 3,64%. Bitcoin price has increased 48,61% on the year, emerging from markets.

Bitcoin performance, gold and S&P 500 in 04/10/2020

It is worth noting that the 17% increase in Bitcoin is very important for the history of digital currency. This was the second highest valuation of Bitcoin in the third quarter of all history, losing only to 2017.

In addition, it was the second highest value of Bitcoin in a closing in its history. The fourth quarter of 2017 is still the champion, with Bitcoin having closed at U$ 13600 thousand. In the last quarter Bitcoin was worth U$ 10600, all this in the midst of a world crisis.
Another cryptomeda performed even better in the period

According to data from CoinMetrics, it is not only Bitcoin that has broken into traditional markets. According to performance data, Ethereum performed even better than Bitcoin and gained a lot of value.

The criptomarket analysis house published on Twitter that people should ignore the noises. This is because, with CFTC chasing the BitMEX brokerage house last week, the market saw a drop in cryptoactives.

The performance in the year, however, is still positive and shows that recent noises have not affected the market. Bitcoin, for example, is already up this Sunday (4).

Finally, Ethereum also follows the optimistic movement today and in the year already values 170% in relation to the dollar. Amidst the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the cryptomyces have shown to be good value refuges.