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The Webstein Team

We are a young and ambitious team of three people whose specialised skills complement one another ideally. That is why we can cover both creative work and web-based-programming. From this combination of potential and knowledge follows a wide spectrum of different solutions in the field of New Media, design and computing in general.

Marcus Motieie


He possibly is the colleague with the biggest enthusiasm for new innovations and trendsetting technologies. He is our man for computer-hardware, networks and programs. His expert knowledge and his specialised skills to find the best methods for realising new ideas make him an indispensable member of our team.

Michael Aringer

Screendesigner & Designer

He is a creative guy who likes to use all possible techniques to express his ideas. Many works on paper and canvas witness that this has not to happen with the help of a computer program. His special interests for media and graphic design make him an important colleague.

Georg-Armin Petre

Programmer & Code-Developer

A thoughtful person whose brain converts pictures to code. He is the one who translates our designs and ideas into the language of computers. His swiftness in programming and his concentrated dedication are essential for the work of Webstein.